Australian Open – Odds & Betting Tips

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The Australian Open is one of the largest international tennis tournaments held on an annual basis and provides some of the most exciting betting opportunities for Aussie punters. It is based out of Melbourne, Australia and takes place every January making it the first of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments to take place each year. It also has the second largest viewership out of the Grand Slam events, coming in just behind the US Open. This means there will be plenty of international punting taking place. There is a huge selection of betting options when it comes to the Australian Open because of their long list of matches and variety of featured events. The Australian Open provides men’s singles, women’s singles, mixed doubles, and also junior’s championships.

We are particularly excited about betting on the Australian Open this year because of the stable odds available on each player. The top five contestants in the competition have been consistent in the previous year’s tournaments and we believe that placing safe bets in the Australian Open can result in some decent winnings. is the official betting partner with the Australian Open for 2016. As a result they are offering some of the better promotions available.

  • Australian Betting Organization Estimations
  • Novak Djokovic
  • Andy Murray
  • Roger Federer
  • Stan Wawrinka
  • Rafael Nadal

Best Australian Bookmaker Odds:

Novak Djokovic –

Andy Murray –

Roger Federer –

Stan Wawrinka –

Rafael Nadal  –

Official Betting Partner of Australian Open 2016:

Final Analysis & Betting Tip

This year the standings are pretty clear. Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open last year against Andy Murray and is the clear favorite going into this year’s tournament. He is a safe bet considering he has already won the Australian Open four times out of the last five years. He also won the Wimbledon, U.S. Open, and the ATP World Tour Finals in 2015. We highly recommend that you consider placing your bets on Novak considering his long history of success and his tennis domination from this previous year. If you’re wanting to take a little more risk you can follow the other top ranked players but we don’t believe there will be any huge surprises from this years results. The real excitement while betting on the Australian Open this year will be coming from placing wagers on specific matches throughout the tournament.

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