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    AustralianBettingJohn Walker

    Fight Date: 16th January, 2016

    We probably are all familiar with Mark De Mori here on this forum if you follow boxing in Australia. He is rated one of the top 10 heavyweight fighters in the world and he is coming out of Perth, Australia. He will be going up against one of the best fighters to come along in the last 20 years who is coming out of retirement to take another shot at being champion AGAIN. That fighter being David Hayes. Here is our news article on the upcoming fight including betting odds and tips:

    I wanted to open this forum to talk a little about my own thoughts on how I think this fight could play out and to stimulate some conversation around the fight.

    First, I want to talk about the odds that most of the bookmakers have on the fight. I think the odds for Mark De Mori to win by knockout are better than what many of the bookmakers have made. It is a risky bet but one with odds I believe are in your favor. Mark De Mori has a history of upsets and a long history of knockouts. He’s a hard hitter that gets things done early. That’s how I see him. he doesn’t have a traditional style of fighting and keeps his hands down low. I think this will be a huge problem for him in the fight because David Haye is well known for his speed.

    I believe Mark De Mori’s chance to win is in the first 3 rounds. He needs to pound on David Haye’s shoulder, the one with the injury that originally put Haye into retirement. Once he pounds on that shoulder hopefully it will open up Haye’s jaw and De Mori can get in a knockout punch. Haye moves fast and probably knows this is going to be De Mori’s strategy. It’s the best chance he has to win. So, I’m guessing Haye will dance around the first half of the fight. After the first few rounds I worry De Mori’s asthma may affect his performance and when you’re up against one of the world’s best, if not the best, fighters your chances of losing are almost certain.

    If Mark De Mori wins it will almost certainly be by knockout early in the fight.

    If David Haye wins it will almost certainly be by knockout (no round specified but odds increase later in the fight).

    The odds I found on the fight for win by KO were the best at two bookmakers.

    Mark de Mori to win by KO: $21.00 bet at

    David Haye to win by KO: $1.17 bet at

    If you’re not signed up to either of these bookmakers this is a good fight to take advantage of their welcome bonuses. These are the best odds out of our recommended bookmakers for this fight (I looked at all of them). I’m always finding odds at these places that help me balance out my recommended bets. Please, use our links when signing up because you lose nothing, we often have exclusive bonuses with these bookmakers, and it helps keep us delivering you sports betting news, this forum and unbiased bookmaker odds and tips. We work hard to build loyal Aussie readers that know we deliver information they can trust.

    What are your projections on the fight?


    Well said. I think you covered most everything above. Any bet in this fight is a little risky because David Haye hasn’t been in the ring for so long and who knows exactly how well he recovered from his injury. You might as well take the bet that has the most potential for return. Has anyone seen footage of David Haye’s training for this upcoming fight? I’m guessing he wouldn’t be coming out of retirement if he didn’t think he was in good enough condition to become the world champion again but without seeing him in action and not having anything to go by for the last few years seems to me anything could happen.


    yes, well said. Although I don’t think Mark De Mori has much chance of winning at all. I used to watch a lot of David Haye’s fights before he retired and that bloke is a monster. Some people are just born with strength and agility that you can’t train or condition into a fighter. I think David Haye’s could have beat some of the best fighters in history during his prime. I would just be surprised if he has lost that much over the past few years especially considering that he is training and conditioning for this fight and is doing it in an effort to come back and become the champion again. We’ve all seen this story before. You remember Mike Tyson’s comeback fight against Peter McNeeley? McNeeley had a pretty good record leading up to the fight. I just hope this fight doesn’t go that way for De Mori.


    I don’t think Mark De Mori has much of a chance at all. Just like you mentioned, David Haye will be dancing around until De Mori gets tired and that’s when Haye will turn on the heavy punches. In heavyweight fights the fighters get tired way faster too so De Mori has a pretty small window to get in a knockout punch and you’re talking about delivering a knockout punch to one of the greatest fighters. I like Mark De Mori, but I just don’t see how he will win this fight.


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