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    Dungeons, and they are also called instances or instas – these are separate game locations. They are separated from the common world. A player who enters a dungeon will never meet a player who enters the same dungeon. Except if they are not in a group (party).
    1 run of each dungeon on Keystone level 10 (Conqueror) or 15 (Master) completed within the time limit
    It is almost impossible for a player to pass the dungeon alone. Because in such places live strong, elite monsters that are very difficult to kill. To complete the dungeon, players gather in groups. The group is much easier to pass the dungeon and get to the main boss, which drops a good loot. Each player class fulfills its role and its affiliation in the group. There are healers, there are tanks, there is a dd class that deals damage. Therefore, knowing your role and supporting the group is vital in any dungeon.
    There are several types of instances themselves:
    For small groups of 5 players.
    For small raids for 10 players.
    For large raids for 25 players.
    And the dungeons have two modes of passage. Normal mode and Heroic mode. If it seems hard for you in the usual way, then it is better not to go to the heroic one. Ordinary from heroic differs in increased difficulty of passing and more valuable loot.
    More or less mastered in the game, sooner or later you will be called to the dungeon. Here it is important to decide on your role. Each class in the party has its own responsibilities. At the same time, the style of the game can be very different from the single style.
    Classes are divided into four important roles.
    Tanks – a class that wears plate or chain armor, such as warriors, paladins, death knights, etc. This role implies being a constant target for monsters, so the monsters in the dungeon must always beat the tanks.
    Healers – the treating class, their duties include the constant treatment of tanks. At worst, the healer has to treat other members of the group.
    DD-a class that specializes in dealing damage to monsters. Anyone in the group can become a DD class, there are no special restrictions here. The main thing is to deal good damage.
    Support-support class, useful for its positive auras (buffs). For example, shamans put totems, and totems give excellent buffs to all members of the group.
    Monsters or mobs
    The monsters that live in the dungeon are much stronger than those that are found in the outside world. For frequent with such mobs falls valuable production. Especially if you are playing in heroic mode. Monsters in the dungeon are better to beat one at a time, so it’s easier! For this, try to avoid the crowd.
    Death in the dungeon
    It is no different from the usual one. When you die, you appear in the graveyard closest to the dungeon. You need to run to the entrance to the instance. Once you are inside, you will be reborn again.
    Bosses and update times
    Bosses are super strong monsters in dungeons. With them, you can get the most valuable loot. But each boss has a refresh time. After killing one boss in a dungeon, you will not be able to kill it again as part of another group until the update time expires.

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