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    How to count cards in blackjack – online casino
    With the help of a simple card counting strategy, any player can increase his advantage by 0.5-1.5% – it would seem quite a bit, but it is worth considering the fact that in most gambling games the advantage, on the contrary, is in favor of the casino – at least a few percent. Thus, when using card counting, blackjack becomes the only game where each player is guaranteed to go in a plus – even if it takes a considerable, in most cases, time.

    The basic idea of counting cards in blackjack is very simple. A deck in which a lot of cards worth 10 points (and this, in addition to the actual tens, also jacks, kings and ladies), is beneficial to the player, and a deck in which many small cards are beneficial to the dealer. When a player knows that there are a large number of “expensive” cards left in the deck and the odds are thus in his favor, he bets larger and thus wins more. Of course, it is still necessary to use any basic strategy – it is impossible to win on card counting alone, in any case, it only helps to get a much larger profit from playing blackjack.

    There are many ways to count cards in blackjack, but the simplest is the so-called “hi-lo”option. Its principle is very simple: all cards from two to six are assigned a cost of +1, all cards worth 10 points and aces are assigned a cost of -1. Everything else “costs” 0 is neutral cards. At the beginning of the game, the total score is 0, and then, as soon as some card leaves the deck, the player either takes away or adds one to this total score. The positive value of the total account means that a large number of small cards came out of the deck and the senior cards prevail, and the negative – on the contrary. Thus, the player at each moment of the game can track the number of remaining cards and approximately assess their chances to get a card of the desired value.

    Another strategy for counting cards in blackjack is called Zen Count. It is a bit more complicated because the cards are initially assigned different values – not only +1 or -1. Zen Count strategy is suitable, first of all, for experienced players who have already learned to quickly control the course of the game in mind and count cards in blackjack – but it gives a more accurate idea of the situation in the game. Using this card counting option, you must use the following mathematical operations:

    Two/three/seven – add to the total score 1
    Cards from four to six – add to the total score 2
    All cards worth 10 points – subtract 1
    ACE – subtract 2
    Thus, the eight and nine remain neutral cards and “stand” 0 points.

    It is worth noting that any strategy for counting cards in blackjack provides for one very important condition – to use it most effectively in those varieties of the game where only one deck is used, and in modern online casinos it is quite difficult to find such types of blackjack. It is for this reason that most often those who still play in traditional casinos, not on the Internet, resort to card counting.


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