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    The strategy of betting on Cricket

    Since cricket rivalries take place all year round, unlike such seasonal games as football or baseball, this kind of team game is very popular among betters bookmakers. Today, bookmakers from all over the world offer a wide selection of Prime raits for this sport in a variety of options:

    for the match. The insider must decide who will win the contest, in case of a successful prediction he will be paid a prize corresponding to a fixed multiplier.

    Top scorer. The betterer has to predict which of the participants will show their best side.

    Accurate result. The player needs to guess the exact score.

    The margin of win. The participant predicts the size of the winning margin.

    Player of the match. It is necessary to determine exactly which of the team will be more effective than the others. It can be one of the winning or losing players. As a rule, this is the batsman who earned the most runs or who carried out the innings that hit the wickets.

    Open partnership. You need to decide which of the open partnerships will score the most points.

    The majority of sixes and outs. The betterer will have to decide who will score the most sixes or lose wickets in outs.

    Winner in the opening inning. It is necessary to predict which team will earn the most points in the first innings.

    The most common variety is the strategy of choosing the best insider, which has a number of features:

    All bets are off if the selected player is at a disadvantage in terms of replacement or not included in the starting lineup.

    In order for the draw to be considered valid, at least one ball must be thrown during the meeting.

    In cases where an insider drops out of the current game, but resumes his participation before the end of the submission queue, the priorities committed to him remain valid.

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