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    What Are The Most Recommended AFL Betting Markets?
    Betting strategies for Australian Football
    In addition to universal strategies that apply to all sports, there are several interesting strategies for betting on Australian football:
    The total is less in bad weather. This is the case when weather conditions significantly affect the game and, above all, its effectiveness. If rain is expected, you need to safely “load” less on the total. The victory of the guest team. Having studied the AFL standings, you will surely be surprised, because there are teams that finished below fifth place, winning 9 of 11 away matches. In general, it is not difficult to notice the presence of home and away teams in the Australian league. But since it is more profitable to bet on guests by definition, it is on this strategy that attention should be focused.
    What Are The Most Recommended AFL Betting Markets
    Features of betting.
    In the previous paragraphs, we indirectly noted the peculiarities of this sport, so we will not repeat ourselves. Let’s highlight only the most important feature of Australian football and at the same time a key advantage for betting:
    There are no specialists in Australian football in bookmakers, plus in Australia itself, amateurs put a lot of money on it, supporting their teams. These two factors lead to strong distortions in the line, which make the AFL a gold mine for value betting.

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