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    What is a car wrap?
    Vinylography is a practical solution.
    Vinyl film is an excellent base for printing a design drawing using a plotter. The finished image is laminated and applied to the hood, side surfaces or roof of the car. Unlike airbrushing, it has wide opportunities for creativity, it is applied faster and costs less. A partial covering of the car with vinyl film is used for branding official cars, applying special markings and logos to taxi cars.
    The company “PROvinyl” offers the best car wrapping price
    Printing on vinyl film is used during advertising campaigns, sports competitions. You can apply any drawing, UV-resistant paints are used for printing and are characterized by good adhesion to PVC. Vinyl film stickers are relevant for marriage agencies and car rental companies, travel companies. Unlike airbrushing, the sticker can be removed after the completion of a marketing campaign or an advertising campaign.
    The technology of vinyl film stickers on cars is simple and makes the car owner think about saving on styling. A squeegee, a construction hair dryer and a stationery knife are the main tools for work. The work is carried out in several stages: car
    degreasing the body using professional car chemicals;
    pattern of the main elements;
    applying a soap solution to the body;
    applying the coating and then leveling it with a squeegee;
    heating the surface with a hair dryer;
    final alignment.
    To stick a vinyl film on a car with your own hands, it is necessary to align it with a squeegee from the center, gradually expelling air and getting rid of bubbles, bends. If you do not have enough patience and time to glue vinyl film on a car, it is better to seek help from specialists.

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