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    AustralianBettingJohn Walker

    Some exciting faces are back in the Australia Road National Championships this year. We are pumped with anticipation to see the final results. Here is our list of riders we think will perform well this year.

    • Rohan Dennis
    • Richie Porte
    • Ben Dyball
    • Matthew Clark
    • Caleb Ewan
    • Peta Mullens
    • Gracie Elvin
    • Rachel Neylan

    Let us know if you have some other names you’re watching closely.



    I’m surprised you don’t have Katrin Garfoot, Shara Gillow and Tessa Fabry up there. those are three of the top riders I’ll be watching for this year. Katrin Garfoot already won Thursdays time trial with Shara coming in behind her. If neither of those two end up placing I’ll be really surprised.

    For the men racing I’m following Jesse Kerrison and Rohan Dennis closely. They both have been riding great lately and still has some good years left in them. As of just a few months ago I had high hopes for Sean Lake but I just don’t think it is his year to win.

    AustralianBettingJohn Walker

    The time trials didn’t come as a big surprise to me. Caleb Ewan has been riding great and was ready for a win. Same thing with Rohan Dennis. If you’re betting against both of those men coming into this race you’re taking some extra risk.


    I have a lot riding on Rohan Dennis this year. He just keeps proving himself a champion and the time trial the other day is just the start if you ask me. Just in 2015 he took home 8 1st place wins I think. His previous years before that were also impressive but he is just now stepping into his rhythm as a world class champion. Always bet on the thoroughbred and not the mule even if the bookmakers try and push you away with worse odds. This kid has a ton going for him especially for only being 25. Makes me wonder what I did with my life… ha

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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