On the dating site I liked one girl, the photo showed that she was connected with the Caucasus, but then I did not attach any particular importance to this. After all, we live in the modern world. He wrote to her, she answered, and correspondence followed us. After some time, exchanged numbers. The voice is pleasant, the speech is competent, there is nobody there. Well, he invited her to a meeting. The counter question led me to a standstill. She asked if I was a Muslim. Well, I replied that I did not particularly adhere, but I am an adherent of this particular denomination. This news made her happy, she told me that her family would not understand if she would meet with a non-Muslim woman. Our communication was quite lively, not boring, I noticed that I liked it. But at certain moments, she was always distracted by something, looked at the phone or wrote SMS. In general, I noticed her tension. Of course, I wanted to continue the evening one on one, but she made it clear that there would definitely not be a continuation, at least not today. This is where our meetings ended. Now I have registration on a good dating site with the best tips for dating Caucasian girls. I want to start all over again.