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    So far things seem to be going my way with my ranking chart. The Steelers beat the Bengals and the Chiefs beat the Texans. The other two games are still in progress but I think I’ll end up with a good run for the wild card round. I thought that the Steelers versus the Bengals game would not be so close. I chose that one as my guaranteed money maker. I feel fortunate that the Bengals completely messed up at the end. That game was heaven sent!

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    Here is a nfl playoff betting tip. This is how the Quarterbacks are ranked in order by stats:

    Quarterbacks get good stats by having players with which they can make plays. You can’t have good stats as a quarterback and have a junk team so these rankings are some of the most important when choosing who will win games.

    My predictions for the wild card round:
    Chiefs win over Texans
    Steelers win over Bengals
    Seahawks win over Vikings
    Redskins win over Packers

    I’ll post my predictions for the divisional round after these games play out.

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    I’m a little confused why the Scorchers keep losing to the Strikers myself. The Scorchers are having a brilliant season but they just can’t seem to beat the strikers head to head. The stats are still pretty consistent with predicting the winners though. This is one of the reasons I like cricket betting with the big bash. I find cricket betting has a good balance between reliability of stats and odds.
    I also want to mention the Sydney Thunder have been winning lately and even beat Adelaide. While they had a losing streak they may be able to turn their season around. Being the only team that has beat the strikers this season they may make an interesting play for first.

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    I hope you’re not saying the Warriors rely on one or two players. They easily have one of the best lineups in the league.
    Draymond Green
    Andrew Bogut
    Stephen Curry
    Andre Iguodala
    Jason Thompson
    Shaun Livingston
    I can dish out names too and the players on my list easily match up against your roster. The Spurs are a great team. I’m not saying they are not but Golden State just seems to have the edge right now.

    If you’re actually going to be betting on either of these teams you’ll need to know more than just names. You’ll need to actually dig through their personal stats and line everyone up against each other.

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    Well said. I think you covered most everything above. Any bet in this fight is a little risky because David Haye hasn’t been in the ring for so long and who knows exactly how well he recovered from his injury. You might as well take the bet that has the most potential for return. Has anyone seen footage of David Haye’s training for this upcoming fight? I’m guessing he wouldn’t be coming out of retirement if he didn’t think he was in good enough condition to become the world champion again but without seeing him in action and not having anything to go by for the last few years seems to me anything could happen.


    @dubet best of luck mate.

    I just hope you don’t lose your shirt on this one. Between Decolo, Astapkovich, Kulagin, and EVERYONE ELSE on the CSKA Moscow team I just don’t think the Olympiakos stand a chance. You’ve been winning with the Olympiakos because they haven’t played an undefeated team late in the season. I recommend you base your bets on statistics and not following a team out of a few lucky performances.


    I’m banking on CSKA Moscow to to pull through with the championship this year. They did a great job beating Real Madrid who was a top contender. The Olympiakos are good too but I just don’t think they will be able to handle how Moscow has been playing lately.


    I’m surprised you don’t have Katrin Garfoot, Shara Gillow and Tessa Fabry up there. those are three of the top riders I’ll be watching for this year. Katrin Garfoot already won Thursdays time trial with Shara coming in behind her. If neither of those two end up placing I’ll be really surprised.

    For the men racing I’m following Jesse Kerrison and Rohan Dennis closely. They both have been riding great lately and still has some good years left in them. As of just a few months ago I had high hopes for Sean Lake but I just don’t think it is his year to win.

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