NLF Playoffs 2015/2016 Season – Odds & Betting Tips

NFL Playoffs 2015/2016 odds

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The NFL playoffs are upon us again and will be bringing some of the most exciting sports betting action with them. This is one of our favorite ways to start out the new year here at the Australian Betting Organization. As opposed to the past couple of years, every NFL team this season has had their ups and downs meaning this year anyone can win! While individuals have their personal predictions the winning records of each team don’t help the average Aussie punter decide on who will win the following games.

We here at the Australian Betting Organization have taken the time to look through a few of the statistics ourselves and want to help you get an edge above the bookmakers. Our predictions are going to be based off of quarterback statistics. As you well know, the quarterback is the most essential position on a team when it comes to making offensive plays. More than that; the only way you can have good statistics as a quarterback is if you have other players on which you can rely to help you make plays and advance the ball up the field. Obviously quarterback statistics are not the only statistics that can be taken into consideration. Defensive line, running back, and special team statistics are also helpful but the rankings we will be sharing should help you well on your way to making informed NFL playoff bets.

  • NFL Playoffs 2015/2016 Season Quarterback Rankings:
  • Broncos
  • Steelers
  • Cardinals
  • Redskins
  • Panthers
  • Packers
  • Seahawks
  • Patriots
  • Chiefs
  • Vikings
  • Texans
  • Bengals

Best Australian Bookmaker Odds:

Chiefs to Win against Texans: $1.65 at William Hill

Texans to Win against Chiefs: $2.40 at CrownBet

Steelers to Win against Bengals: $1.72 atCrownBet

Bengals to Win against Steelers: $2.27 at SportsBet

Seahawks to Win against Vikings: $1.47 atWilliam Hill

Vikings to Win against Seahawks: $2.90 at CrownBet

Redskins to Win against Packers: $1.85 at CrownBet

Packers to Win against Redskins: $2.02 at SportsBet

Final Analysis & Betting Tip

We placed the teams in order based on how their quarterbacks are ranked so if a team is much higher on the list over their competition you may stand better odds of winning a bet placed on the higher ranked team.

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