Palin Endorses Trump – Change in Odds?

Palin Endorses Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore / cc by SA 2.0

The former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed the current front-runner of the Republican party Donald Trump and his run for presidency today. While at the side of Donald Trump she gave one of her classic grass root speeches to help animate the far reaching right Republican party.

“He is from the private sector not a politician. Can I get a Hallelujah! Where in the private sector you actually have to balance budgets…” said Palin.

She went on to stress that Trump had some of the characteristics that originally brought her popularity with the Tea Party when they were at their strongest, being a belief in safety through a strong military and controlled government spending. While her speech was short, Trump showed a gracious amount of appreciation for the endorsement and also spoke kindly of Palin’s family.

Trump has been pandering to the far right in the republican party since he began his run for presidency. It came as no surprise that he received an endorsement from Palin once it became obvious that he would most likely win the Republican nomination. Ultimately, the big questions are:

Does this endorsement help Donald Trump and to what extent?

Donald has secured the far right and lower income members of the Republican party already. His speeches have largely been fueled by talking points that appeal to strict conservatives and evoke emotion. The endorsement by Palin is only likely to help solidify the support of a segment of the Republican Party who already favored Trump.

Will this help persuade more people to get to the polls?

If trump makes it to the general election almost every supporter of Palin is already going to make the effort to vote. This is because the two most likely Democratic candidates making a run for the presidency are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The far right literally despise Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ platform is too liberal for any far right conservative to not be motivated to action.

Honestly, the endorsement by Palin for Trump’s campaign serves Palin more than anyone else. After a series of terrible interview blunders and as the Tea Party has lost much of it’s enthusiasm Palin’s value to the party has been diminished. While this endorsement won’t hurt Trump, it is unlikely the endorsement will significantly improved his odds of winning the election either.

Brian Russell
Senior Editor at the Australian Betting Organization
Brian was born and raised in NSW. He attended the University of Newcastle where he received a BA in English and Writing. He is known around the office as the high rolling analyst.

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