Top 3 Spines to Watch in the NRL 2016 Season

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Everyone who enjoys watching the NRL has an understanding of just how important of a role the “spine” plays in the game. Having the right fullback, scrum half, stand off, and hooker can make all the difference in a close match. This is in large part because the spine has more interaction with the ball than any other player or set of players in the game. While every player has their role in Rugby we here at the Australian Betting Organization want to help you know on which spines you should focus your attention in the upcoming NRL 2016 season.

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Number 3: The Melbourne Storm

  • Spine
  • Billy Slater (Fullback)
  • Cooper Cronk (Scrum Half)
  • Blake Green (Stand Off)
  • Cameron Smith (Hooker)

The Melbourne Storm are anticipated to have one of their best seasons in 2016. This is in large part because of their strong spine. The Storm’s big three will be back at it again and with Cooper Cronk possibly leaving at the end of next year they will be motivated to take advantage of this next season. We do our best to never underestimate what a spine with a long history of playing with each other can accomplish.

Number 2: The Brisbane Broncos

  • Spine
  • Darius Boyd (Fullback)
  • Ben Hunt (Scrum Half)
  • Anthony Milford (Stand Off)
  • Andrew McCullough (Hooker)

Wayne Bennett is under some strong pressure to have his team perform this next year. Fortunately, the Brisbane Broncos are one of the stronger looking teams coming into 2016. While no one knew what to expect from the team in 2015 they truly made a place for themselves in the league. They are one of the most likely contenders to end up with a top 4 spot this coming season. This is in large part because of the spine they are bringing into 2016.

Number 1: North Queensland Cowboys

  • Spine
  • Lachlan Coote (Fullback)
  • Johnathan Thurston (Scrum Half)
  • Michael Morgan (Stand Off)
  • Jake Granville (Hooker)

2015 was a good year for the Cowboys and this is because they finally were able to build a strong spine around Johnathan Thurston. Johnathan Thurston has been well known for his talent for years but it wasn’t until this last season that the full spine of the Cowboys came together. Coming back from the first premiership won by the Cowboys this dynamic team is bound to turn heads.

While these are the three spines we have highlighted on our list there are definitely some other great spines in the league. Watch for some of the newly created spines coming into this next season as well. We are sure there will be more than a few surprises.

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